Nada Pleskonjić (°1980, Belgrade, Serbia) is an artist who mainly works with analog photography, the medium of paper clay ceramics and hand-coating liquid photographic emulsion.
    Graduated at 2007-camera department; Faculty of Dramatic Arts (University of Arts), Belgrade, Serbia. Beside solo exhibitions, she participated in various group exhibitions and art projects.
    Her photos appear as dreamlike images in a world out of time, conflating past and present in a mesmerizing way.

    2002 Publicum “Life”, Belgrade, Serbia.
    2005 “Opposite Angle”, Gallery Cube, Belgrade, Serbia.
    2006 12th Biennial of Visual Arts “Defense of nature”, Pančevo, Serbia.
    “Sisyphus” – Gallery "SKC", Belgrade, Serbia.
    2007 12th International Salon of miniature, House of Culture Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.
    “Guide trough Belgrade”, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.
    2009 International Roaming Biennial of Tehran “Urban Jealousy in Belgrade”, Warehouse in Kraljevića Marka Str.
    2010 Arts Festival “La Grande Côte en Solitaire“, Lyon, France.
    2011 The PWP's International exhibition, 36th Anniversary, NO Gallery, New York, USA.
    2013 IV International exhibition “Art in miniature”, Majdanpek, Serbia.
    2014 “Dangerous ends”, Cultural Centre Gallery “Dom Omladine Belgrade”, Serbia.